Friday, September 30, 2005

Big Weekend Ahead

I'll try to add some more words to these pictures, but this will have to do for now...

Yankees. Red Sox. One game of seperation. Papi vs. A-Rod. Let's do this.

Or will those pesky Indians still a playoff spot from one of the mighty giants, breaking FOX's and a lot of East Coaster's hearts

Brady tries to get over the Purdue hump, taking the Irish offense on a merry quest south to West LaFayette Saturday night... about the same time the Trojan War Machine marches into Tempe to take on the challenge of Sam Keller's passing attack.

But not before Mr. Lack of Class himself drives a nice solid spike into the heart of the Maize and Blue's season.

LT attempts to get the Chargers back up to .500, heading to Foxboro to take on what's left of the defending champs. Matt Light, Rodney Harrison, where have you gone?

The first time Mike Be Nimble played the Vikings, he set the single-game rushing record for a quarterback, ending the game in overtime by torching the entire Minnesota defense. Can I get an encore?

And all the while, I'll finally be defyin' gravity in Chi-town for the Saturday matinee. What is this feeling?

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sarah said...

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