Monday, October 03, 2005

BlogPoll Week Five: Roll Tide, Irish Back In Top Ten

Big riser this week was Alabama, jumping ahead of fellow undefeateds Georgia and Florida State. I realize the Seminoles are pretty lowly rated at number nine, but any time I've seen their offense, it looks like a top-tier team could handle them pretty easily. If that Miami game was at the end of the season, methinks Kyle Wright would have had made a lot more progress than the Weatherford/Lee combination, but that's a moot point.

I really wanted to move Va Tech up to the top spot, but until the champs lose, I feel it's unfair to move them down. Again, how can you penalize a team for another thrilling comeback on the road? Sure, they played crappy in the first half again, but their running game showed an entirely different level with Leinart off the mark.

Big games this weekend to look for?

* The Red River Shootout, in which a heavily-favored Texas team will attempt to eradicate some demons against the Sooners.

* Ohio State/Penn State, as PSU attempts to solidify themselves on the national scene while the Buckeyes have to avoid a crippling second loss.

* A battle of two pretty solid enigmas, as UGA takes on Ol' Rocky Top, in a game where not a single final score would even moderately surprise me.

* The Les Miles Termination Watch continues as LSU travels to face Vanderbilt, coming off a terrible loss in so many ways against Middle Tennessee.

* Big 12 "Whose Overrated?" Watch: Nebraska vs. Texas Tech

* Pac 10 "Whose Overrated?" Watch: Cal vs. UCLA

1) Southern Cal
2) Virginia Tech
3) Texas
4) Alabama
5) Ohio State
6) Georgia
7) Tennessee
8) Louisiana State
9) Florida State
10) Notre Dame
11) Miami (Florida)
12) Florida
13) California
14) Michigan State
15) Wisconsin
16) Arizona State
17) Texas A&M
18) Penn State
19) Louisville
20) Georgia Tech
21) Texas Tech
22) UCLA
23) Michigan
24) Boston College
25) TCU

Games Watched: Since I was in Chicago all day, only got to see ND/Purdue. Going a lot on highlights, what Patrick relayed to me and columns read.

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