Sunday, April 17, 2005

Quick Hits, Preview

1. The Arrested Development season finale is on in under an hour, and I'm both excited and sad. Some post is going to be spent very verbosely describing how great this show is, how it's the common theme of the section and how sad I'll be if it goes.

2. Another long post will be spent detailing how pleased I am that there were three different episodes of Buffy being watched at one time today in the section. Any time more than one person in a square mile area can begin complaining about how James Marsters should have won an Emmy, it's a good thing.

3. I schedule for my Fall '05 classes tomorrow. I don't know what's weirder, the fact I'm scheduling for next fall or the fact I'm so well-organized for it.

4. Is that like four good episodes of The OC in a row? Replacing Lindsay and Rebecca with Trey and Carter was an excellent mid-season switch, and now that Zach has more depth, Sandy Cohen is doing Sandy Cohen things and Julie is reminiscing about White Snake, I love OC Thursdays again. Extended post on that coming.

5. Saw Sin City last night. Very violent, very stylistic. I think I liked it, although I think it needs to settle in.

6. Jessica Alba = Smoking Hot.

7. T-Wolves were eliminated from the playoffs today. Despite that, I'm still very pumped about the NBA Playoffs. Extended post on that, too.

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