Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope

Oh yeah, this guy looks like he's going to be healthy and hearty for a few decades, not sickly or weak or anything. We couldn't get Usher?!!? Apparently, instead of getting a pope from Nigeria or Brazeil -which would be awesome - we get the most conservative candidate, who was a member of the Hitler Youth, and also appears to already be on his deathbed.

I still say Usher would have made a great Pope Urban IX - really putting the "urban" into, well, Urban.

(Oh, and incase you thought otherwise, you do not have to be a cardinal to become Pope, just a Catholic male. Now, I don't know if Usher is Catholic, but I don't think you know if he's not Catholic, so let me live my dream.)

The quote in here basically sums him up.


106 episodes later, Brendan has reached "Once More, With Feeling", one of the greatest television episodes of all time, and we're watching it tonight. You may have to deal with 2000 words on television next time, followed by another spiel on the draft. Rainy days = Quality blogging times, and that's the forecast for tomorrow.

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