Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Getting Arrested

I encourage you all to visit the above site and sign the petition, as FOX is actually starting a website to keep a show that it has complete and total control over. Is it more of an elaborate excuse incase they decide to not bring the show back? Yeah, probably. It’s really easy to get the blame cast aside when you can point at a website you made and say “Look, we tried to get interest up for it – it’s you people’s fault!”.

Call me a little bitter about the entire Arrested situation, because I am. At some point in time FOX has to take responsibility for the failure of a show that will immediately hook anyone that watches it a couple of times. At some point in time, you have to look at your marketing department and wonder what the hell they’ve been doing. When I, a fan of the show and a person who spends 40% of his online time at various entertainment sites, doesn’t know when the Ben Stiller episode is on, we have an issue. Why aren’t there little two minute blurbs during American Idol or The OC? You’re telling me a two-minute skit involving Gob and Buster wouldn’t make people at least think about checking the show out?

Do not fear, however, loyal Arrested watchers - the few of you that there are in the television world – because even if FOX drops the show, which is very possible, with awesome programming like American Dad clogging up their schedule, there’s no way the show stays down for the count. USA or FX will grab it, maybe HBO or Showtime throw some money out and they get to take all the bleeps out. I can’t imagine TV without new AD’s getting turned out.

Arrested Development snuck up quietly on the section. I brought it back from either Fall or Thanksgiving Break, picking it up on a whim at Sam Goody because I needed to activate my new debit card and I had enjoyed the first season immensely. There was some skepticism at first, but like any quality television show in Dillon 1A, it was immediately absorbed by Brendan in two days. Next thing I know, the discs I had purchased weren’t in my room for a month-long period. People were watching them at all hours of the night, even downloading the new episodes as they were shown and watching them again.

It’s probably the only thing everyone enjoys. People are skeptical towards Buffy, MacKrell doesn’t like playing video games, or watching The OC (Come to think of it, while I write this I realize Andy MacKrell is just a picky little bitch. I guess when you have that hair, though, you can be as judgmental as you want.), but everyone enjoyed Arrested. Actually, saying we enjoyed it would be an understatement. We lived by it. Some running jokes faded away, but Arrested dialogue? Please.

We didn’t just say “Hey” or “Hello” anymore, it was “Heeeey Brother”, just like Buster says it on the show. “COME ON!” entered the lexicon, along with “You gotta lock that down”, “More like a starting pistol”, “Well, no one’s going to top that”, “Yeah, mom’s great- lets call her!”, various Tobias ramblings and the obsession with juice. If there was one unifying thread that brought the soon to be deceased 04-05 Dillon 1A section together, it was the dysfunctions of the Bluthe Family, and it would be a pity if they were taken away and unable to bring us consistent joy every Sunday night.

To show how integral the show was to our first year at Notre Dame, when we finally decided to order section t-shirts - a little late, I realize - they did not include a sketch of Mike Flanagan, nor the Dillon Hall crest or anything remotely related to the Fighting Irish or Big Red. Instead?

”Everyone’s laughing and riding and cornholing except Buster.”

Please FOX, keep Arrested Development on the air. People are stupid. People will watch Stacks and Life on a Stick, but they won’t stay with it and they will not love it and make it part of their lives like we’ve incorporated Arrested. Your ratings might not be as high as you wanted, but you’ll get a little more respect from the other networks when they point out you’re a one-trick pony (American Idol) that barely gets by when there’s no season of the insanely popular (so popular, Ryan Seacrest gets his own star on the Walk of Fame – process that) singing contest.

You need the show, we need the show, and America needs the show.

Even if they don't realize it yet.
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