Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Champion

The process took over a month. From accepting entries for the two weeks leading up to Spring Break, to doing the seeding in the back of Shane's Expedition going through a New England snowstorm, we finally got the tournament started.

Upsets were abound, as the lowest seed, Seinfeld's Elaine, made some noise, and Usher, a heavy favorite going in, went one and done, losing to Chris Farley. We got to see some great match-ups, with Gene Kelly against both Elvis and Kevin Bacon, and then the huge "Smooth Criminal"/"Weapon of Choice" barn-burner that people will be talking about for years.

After tabulating all the results from the comments thread - which you people weren't supposed to use for this instance only, but alas, they still counted - and the dozen or more sent to me via IM, the winner of the Blog O' Fun Ultimate Dance-Off, by a scant four votes in the Final...

Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" Video

I personally do not agree with the choice, but that's not what matters, as this was the people's choice. I love what the Final came down to: both Walken and Bacon were not dancing for a competition, or to impress a girl or anything close to that. They were in large, abandoned buildings, dancing their heart out because they wanted too. Bacon's raw emotion. Walken's cold efficency. It came down to the very end, and now we have our winner.

I appreciate everyone who voted every round, trashed talk and campaigned for their pick, took the time to watch some of the videos so they were making educated decisions and who contributed the massive amounts of ideas I had to begin with. This turned from March to April Madness and drug out a little bit, but it was a fun ride nonetheless.

Thanks for voting, thanks for reading and always keep on dancing.

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