Monday, April 11, 2005

Mini-Update While I Decide Between Nap and Blogging

* The results of the Ultimate Dance-Off will be released this evening. If you haven't yet voted, I'll extend it, because right now it's very close and I may need a tie-break anyway.

* As we in the soon-to-be-splintered,-but-only-because-it-means-we'll-have-a-ton-of-common-rooms-and-our-RA-graduating Flanagan's Army have been saying for a month or so now, we're absolutely ecstatic that Arrested Development is just going balls to the wall as cancellation looms. This article agrees, and I also feel that even if FOX is stupid enough to drop the show that they obviously cannot market well enough, it'll get picked up by another network with some cash to burn and a hankering for some critical love.

* Livey and I tried to get to work, but they kept dumping us into different lobbies, despite the fact we clicked the same link at the same time. If anyone figures it out, please let us know so we can procrastinate even more while gambling.

* And use the comments anytime you like, just not when voting. If you just want to flat-out insult someone who you know will be reading, go nuts. I'm going to take the time right now to brag that I just beat Dill in our NBA Fantasy League quarterfinal, despite the fact he finished 46 games ahead of me in the regular season standings. I feel it's one of the more remarkable fantasy GMing and coaching jobs in history, and i'm sure he'll disagree, so I expect comments to be used.

* Mondays, I hate Mondays....

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