Sunday, February 27, 2005

Wall-to-Wall Oscar Coverage Continues, with Picks From The Roommate and Sister

Apparently, with some more research, Million Dollar Baby is making a late charge to win this thing over Aviator. I surely hope not.

Sean’s Personal Oscar Picks:

Best Picture: The biggest toss-up of them all,
· Winner: Sideways, for its deeply endearing characters (ahem, Paul Giamatti’s Miles), mature sense of humor, and refusal to follow in the vagrant, directionless footsteps of Lost in Translation and other aptly dubbed “movies about nothing.”
· Runner-up: Million Dollar Baby, for its golden trio of leading characters and for successfully juggling the heart-warming and heart-rending.

Best Director: Scorsese faces-off with yet another super-star-actor-turned-filmmaker
· Winner: Martin Scorsese, for his steadfast filmmaking zeal and for being the veritable Phil Mickelson of the silver screen. His Italian heritage is also a bonus for an unabashed Mafioso such as myself.
· Runner-up: Clint Eastwood, for acting the part of a full-fledged Renaissance man by not only directing but writing, producing, starring in, and composing the score for his Baby.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: The only real sure bet of the evening
· Winner: Jamie Foxx, for freakin’ out Ray Charles’ friends and family with his uncanny portrayal of the late music legend.
· Runner-up: Leonardo DiCaprio, for not buckling beneath the bulk of Scorsese’s monster epic and convincing obsessive-compulsive people everywhere that someday they too might be able to accumulate and then frivolously spend vast sums of money, not to mention hook-up with fine-looking A-list celebrities.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Swank vs. Bening, take two.
· Winner: Annette Bening, for once again bringing her trademark charm and wit as an actress to the table. (Note: I’ve only seen clips of her performance, but I genuinely liked what I saw.)
· Runner Up: Hilary Swank, for so compellingly and disarmingly emulating one of those give-me-a-chance-and-I-won’t-let-you-down-sir-type characters, and because she could at present physically take every nominee in every acting category at the same time.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
· Winner: Morgan Freeman, for effectively tying Baby together and for being Morgan Freeman.
· Runner-up: Thomas Hayden Church, for garnering the lion’s share of Sideways’ laughs and mastering the art of behaving in an utterly heedless and pig-headed manner.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: The category I obviously know the least about
· Winner: Cate Blanchett, for daringly delivering in a highly precarious role.
· Runner-up: Virginia Madsen, for her down-to-earth performance and the lovably awkward brand of chemistry she generates with Giamatti.


And now the sister's, which spends more time on Teri Hatcher and Halle Berry dissing than the actual Oscars:

See with my brother being a boy he misses one big part of the Oscars....The Fashion. (I'll get to my actual picks in a few) But see I was very diappointed in the Golden Globes because well first off Cojo was having a liver transplant so ET's Best and Worst dressed were prolly ranked by Mary Hart's niece or something so somehow Terri Hatcher and Melina Kamakerdes got ranked below some lady that for the life of me I can't remember her name but I do remember that it was an ugly purple being my favorite color I was very anyway--- If Terri Hatcher attends which even though she has no business being there I think I heard that she was going....she'll probably look awesome because she's had ALOT and I mean ALOT of time to pick out outfits during her downtime after the Radio Shack commercials with Howie Long. No matter what Halle Berry wears everyone will say she looked perfect even though her Golden Globe dress made her boobs look oddly disporportional. And how bout if I just give the run down of how everybody looked after I see them? Then I can post on my bro's awesome Blog O' Fun again...haha OK so to the real stuff of Oscar night...

See I've only seen a few of the movies since none of them really came around here....But from the information I can gather....

Best Actor: It's between Clint Eastwood and Jamie Foxx...Should be Jamie Foxx probably will be Clint Eastwood(Cause he's old)
But he did do a swell job in Baby...he made me cry....alot.

Best Actress: I never got to see Being Julia but I'm gonna have to go w/ Annette Benning because Swank did do well in Baby and she made me cry...alot...but it just wasn't the role that you need to win an Oscar...Like Chris said she laid there for the last third of the movie...

Animated Film: Shrek 2...simply because of my lovely Julie Andrews....and I mean come was really funny...and Antonio Banderas was the voice of a cat...

Song: I think it's gonna have to be Believe because it's Josh Groban and The Polar Express actually entertained me and it was made for little kids...ok maybe that just says something about me but it deserves it.

Best Picture: Prolly going to be The Aviator cause it's just the kind of film that wins Best Picture Oscars....but a surprise from behind could be Ray.

T-minus an hour and a half until the bloated, five hour show that hopefully Chris Rock and some upsets save.

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