Friday, January 21, 2005

The more I think about it - and this is definitely the type of stuff I think about in Theology - the more it bugs me how Mean Girls-ish The OC was last night. There were a few instances:

1) The utter terror of the innocent, cute red-head (Lindsay Lohan = Lindsay Wheeler)to sit with the Plastics and Cosmo Girl (Marissa = Regina).

2) The way Marissa shallowly compliments Lindsay's bookbag when she really doesn't have to say anything nice, but wants to attempt to look like a good person. ("Where'd you get that skirt/bracelet?"....."That is the ugliest F-ing skirt I have ever seen")

3) The way Ryan flips out about how Marissa is corrupting Lindsay, much like Aaron yelling at Cady for being too much like Regina was.

I'm not complaining, because both Mean Girls and The OC are quality, but if Marissa brings out a Burn Book next week with all the times that Summer called her an anorexic, drunken, fashionably-blind slut, then I'll get a little suspicious.

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