Saturday, January 22, 2005

I'm not sure how you expect me to concentrate on reading The Iliad when Villanova is destroying Kansas, and we play at 'Nova on Wednesday night in what just became a huge game, and Brent Musburger is calling the Wake Forest/Cincinnati game, which has a one-point difference at the half.

I realize that I'll get no work done after 5:00 until the end of the weekend, with my Late Night Olympic shift starting, followed by me sleeping, followed by the Notre Dame/Georgetown game and then maybe the best combination of conference championship games ever.

But I'm supposed to be reading about the attack on Troy, and Brad Pitt being naked isn't even involved. (And although I've never seen Troy, I've been assured the former-Mr. Jennifer Aniston is amazing) And I'm supposed to spend the last 45 minutes of my freedom trying to guide my way through the muck of a terrible translation - our professor even admitted that she wanted a different version because this one was so rough to read - when I can actually see Penn State play a sport on national TV? I can see Dill's fellow Rec & Park 101 student, some Claxton guy, play against Northwestern.

And then, I'm supposed to not come back and check the Blog to see when I hit the magical 10,000 hits since Thanksgiving '03 mark? I'm three away right now, I want to see it turn. If you folks didn't realize, there's been a counter on the blog for about fifteen months now, and it's about to turn 5-digits in what will be very exciting for me for some odd reason. If this thing was actually popular, I'd have to throw a big party in 110 to celebrate, but that seems to be overkill to the tenth degree, considering it's just my dumb website and it took it this long to get that many hits.

But I'll trudge along into some boring Greek, while my partner in Mythology crime, ol' Peter Winter, gallivants about Chicago for the weekend, because that's the kind of dedicated Notre Dame student I am.....but then again, I hear Sparknotes has a really exciting summary.....

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