Thursday, August 09, 2007

My weekend away is also a Judd Nelson feature on USA Network

I'm headed out of town until late Monday evening to visit the Pietrini lake cabin with MacKrell, Avants, Rob, Pocz and of course, Sean, so obviously no updates until then. Sean claims Richard Dean Anderson has a cabin on the same lake, so my goal is to enlist MacGyver to help me catch a Sasquatch.

As always, a few things to ponder while I'm gone:

1) How would you attack if you were a terrorist? I find it really funny people somehow think that the people who conceived using hijacked planes as missiles haven't already considered the possibility of random snipers. Anyone who's played video games, watched movies or read to any sort of length already knows a hundred different ways to attempt to bring society to its knees, so you might as well get the ideas out there. The same people bemoaning this post as helping the terrorists are the same people who respond after tragedies "How would you ever expect this to happen?", with the obvious answer being "Because you refused to allow yourself to consider the possibilities."

2) Reggie Miller to the Celtics? Oh hell yes. If the Celts can somehow swing Brevin Knight and PJ Brown to fill out this team, they will be an extremely tough out come the postseason. Of course, this doesn't bring up the discussion of injuries, but you can't really plan for those anyway.

3) 9 days until Superbad. Sometimes when you have an obnoxious countdown to things it only makes it more likely to be a disappointment, but I've only been surer of a few things in life than I am of this movie.

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