Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Robots In Disguise

The two posts below explain my absence of the last week caused by Harry Potter and the NBA Draft, but I’ve posted them at the same time and am providing links immediately below. I assumed the crossover audience for reading about literary wizards and the swapping of first round picks is rather small – although again, I can proudly state this site’s audience probably contains a few readers who fit that criteria – so you can pick and choose which, if any, you’d like to read before getting on with some minor ramblings.

A quick warning: I went with quantity and speed over quality, so there’s bound to be a few typos and a few things I forgot. Apologies in advance.

Harry Potter

NBA Draft thoughts


[Okay, I was going to touch on a bunch of things, but I just realized I’m exhausted, so consider this a placeholder for discussion of MTV reality television and Transformers.

Mini-review of Transformers incase you’re wavering on whether or not to go: I enjoyed the hell out of it. Stuff blows up, Megan Fox looks amazing and Josh Duhamel, despite my constant questioning of how anyone on Las Vegas could think he was a Marine, is a solid action hero to complement the Great Shia, who is, well, great. This is a summer movie in the same vein of Independence Day, only not as good and quite dorky. See this on the big screen if you have any interest at all.]

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