Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pieces of Me

Thank goodness I was already separating myself from the NFL as a whole when Saturday's draft fiasco happened, or it somehow would have hurt even more. After the Vikings took Adrian Peterson at number seven, freeing up Brady Quinn to go to the Dolphins, I was bombarded with phone calls, texts and IM's congratulating me on my good fortune and discussing how most of the Notre Dame fanbase would have looked in aqua and orange.

That's what I'm saddest about, really. I'm not sure if Quinn will be a sure thing at the pro level - from the Michigan State game last year to the postgame discussion of the Georgia Tech opener, we're unsure where Quinn starts and Weis' offense begins at times - but I was sure that him going to the Dolphins would mean that my rather insignificant franchise (and as the "Years since a postseason victory" tick past the other side of half a decade, they become more irrelevant) would at least have some meaning within the Irish community. Instead, the Dolphins take the guy I wanted least, although that did mean we all got to see the great footage of Cam Cameron trying to calm down an extremely angry crowd full of boos and "Brady" chants, which sums up the Dolphan experience rather well.

Still, like dirt off my shoulder, I'm no longer concerned. I don't have to write an extended piece on "How to be a Dolphin Fan" for school next semester and I don't have to worry about caring about the league anymore. Reasons to get excited? Behold:

The only reason even slight downer on that list, other than the potential for a Mavericks' comeback, which would break my heart? The fact Spiderman 3 is doomed to not live up to the second installment, even though the general consensus is "Hey, it's pretty good, and it's shiny, and stuff gets wrapped up". Of course, considering the fact Spiderman 2 is a master's thesis on not just how to make a good superhero movie or a good action adventure movie, but on how to make a good movie period, this one had a lot to live up to. I'll still go, I'll still enjoy it and I'll still be happy with the trilogy as a whole (most likely?), but it won't be a masterpiece. No shame in that, as very few things are.

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