Friday, May 11, 2007

Happier Thoughts

It has been pointed out to me that Steve Nash gushing blood shouldn't serve as a week-long placeholder at the top of the site, so let us replace it with something a bit happier:

Few quick links:

*People are starting to poke a few holes in Obama? Say it ain't so.

(Also, it's sad Bill Richardson has no chance and was downright disinterested during the first debate, because he's rather qualified.)

* From Bill Simmons' post today, an awesome look at what it was like when professional sports teams actually hated each other. I guess being nice is setting a good example for the kids and all, but I'd prefer the hate-filled alternative.

* From ThrowingThings, I really want to do this some year. Also from ALOTT5MA, celebrate the good times, baby! Friday Night Lights is coming back, hopefully uncorrupted by the execs at NBC who somehow thought a wedding crashing show would be huge two summers after the movie.

* I don't have a link for this, but Wednesday night's Real World might have been the best vacation episode ever. Svetlana refusing to enjoy herself in Spain last year was pretty good, but between the jellyfish, the Australian guys and the awkward (awesome?) breakfast recap session, that's all I want from my Real World. Speaking of reality television, you can thank Andrew for this, although I'm not sure if I'll be able to stomach her for another season.

(Who am I kidding, of course I will.)

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