Saturday, May 05, 2007

At least the marching band played the Spiderman theme

There's a full review of Spiderman 3 coming when I have more time, but we'll just bullet point it quick-like in case anyone wants to discuss it or wants to know what they're getting into.

  • Sandman is a boring villain. It's not Thomas Hayden Church's fault, it's just a boring character with superpowers that make for shiny visual effects. There was no need for him in this movie, it just took up time, although the part where he first gets his powers is really cool and well done. Spiderman has the second best rogue's gallery to choose from next to Batman, yet they took one of the most boring enemies to take away from his arch-nemesis.
  • And yeah, that's what Venom is, the nemesis of Spidey. To put this in other terms, it would be like if you made a Batman movie and Joker showed up for the last half hour and then was defeated. Topher did a good job, but there wasn't a whole helluva lot to work with.
  • The part with evil Peter Parker walking awkwardly through the street, culminating in the Anchorman-like jazz club scene? That was so awkward, I didn't realize Spiderman's alter-ego was Michael Scott. You shouldn't be cringing in embarrassment or laughing at the absurdity when Black Suit Spidey is turning evil. So lame.
  • Kirsten Dunst still manges to stay not that hot, only now she's singing, too. Twice. Whammy.
  • The action scenes were great, but they shorted the Venom character and the relationship stuff wasn't nearly as good as the first two movies. If the villain is going to be one-dimensional like Sandman, you need better relationship stuff, and they didn't.
  • C+ at the very best, and that plus comes from getting to crack jokes with Tim the whole time and our Friday night crowd (you have to go to blockbusters on opening night to get the full effect) going crazy even when things weren't that entertaining.

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