Friday, April 06, 2007

Isn't saying "Good Friday" kind of redundant?

The Office and 30 Rock were disappointing last night, not in the sense that they were bad shows or not enjoyable to watch, but in the sense when you get forty minutes of each, you expect non-stop comedic goodness. Still, if you want an answer to the “Why was 30 Rock renewed when Studio 60 is about to go the way of Skin?”, go no further than “30 Rock is fun to watch while Studio 60 was devoid of any joy save for a moment here or there, all with an additional civics lesson from Aaron Sorkin.” If NBC renews Peabody-winner Friday Night Lights, they’re making good choices.

Another note on last night’s “Comedy Night Done Right”: Will Arnett wasn’t that funny as Alec Baldwin’s gay corporate rival, even when spending most of his time working with the hilarious Kenneth the Page. He’s funny, just like he was in Blades of Glory, but he’ll probably never reach the level he was on Arrested Development. Tony Hale isn’t as funny on Andy Barker, PI, Jason Bateman wasn’t as great in his role of straight-man in The Break-Up and it’s very possible that Arrested was just the perfect storm of comedy for everyone involved, and as long as we have it forever enshrined on DVD, I’m okay with that. Between the writing, editing, narrating and chemistry, it would be hard to match AD, and as long as some of the alumni find some success, that’s fine.

(Still, I think Arnett’s going to knock one out of the park with Jeff the Demon, but I’ve been heinously wrong before.)


Hills links, in ascending order of relevancy/awesomeness:

This is fine

This is good to know we’ll have them back, because….

LINK OF THE WEEK. No wonder LC looked so sad and down at the after-party: she’d been stalking outside Jason’s apartment at night for the last week, trying to seduce a maintenance man to let her in. The fact J-Wahl has to sell this thing before he goes to jail makes it all the more fun.

Dontrelle Willis helps people: And we thought all athletes were only concerned with themselves. Not true.

Pilot Watch: I like the “I’m In Hell” idea. Jason Biggs is a face people know, Erika Christensen is hot (Google away), David Cross is hilarious and the whole thing has a My Name Is Earl feel to it. I like its chances.

Root Root Root…: Real Pirate fans aren’t going to get excited until it’s late July and the team and fans both collectively realize “We still have two months to go without screwing up to make this season count”. Still, I’d rather be 3-0 then other record at this point, and it’s nice to see the mainstream media writing nice things about the Buccos. Freddy is supposed to return tomorrow, meaning the line-up could get positively nasty if Adam LaRoche turns it on and Jose Bautista doesn’t turn it off. Should be a fun summer at PNC Park, at least when Duke and Snell are on the mound.

(Tonight’s victim? Tommy Balmat’s Cincinnati Reds going down to Paul Maholm in the Queen City.)

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