Thursday, March 08, 2007

Feel the rain on your manipulative, talentless skin

Sorry for the lack of updates, but with March Madness kicking up over at Rakes, along with the Brady Quinn sweepstakes, plus midterm and work stuff going on, I’ve been pressed for time. I feel bad when I’m just posting random links to stuff with no original commentary of any sort, because it’s lazy and a cop-out to the type of blog I’d rather not be.

Still, due to constraints of leaving for home within the hour, I’ll just throw up a few things to check out before I can get back to some consistent posting over the next week and a half of spring break, catching you up on relevant DC details and more importantly, all the tournament action.

Two Hills links: Last year’s terrible boyfriend is that drunk/high all the time, while this year’s terrible boyfriend is as creepy as he seems.

If you’ve ever watched 24 or the NFL, check this out, as this is the kind of in-depth pop culture versus sports analysis I love.

Honoring a fallen friend, courtesy of Chad, a great Arrested complilation.

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