Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

Considering the fact that Washington is completely unable to handle snow and ice - seriously, these people need to hang out above the Mason-Dixon Line some winter - I don't have to head into work on Valentines Day, meaning I get to attempt to catch up on some reading, but will more than likely just waste a lot of time on the internet.

I was reading over the official blog stance on Valentines Day, and I think it still stands:

It's not too difficult to understand why Valentine's Day, of all the commercialized holidays, is the one that gets the brunt of the hate. While any holiday worth celebrating to any extent beyond a picnic (I'm looking at you, Memorial and Labor Days) has at least become somewhat corrupted by mainstream American, it's Valentines Day that takes the beating. Why? Because you can easily pin all of your animosity on those annoying couples that take everything to a sickening, gushy extreme, and anyone that argues against you looks like a bleeding heart sentimentalist in an era where romance is dead and logical sarcasm rules the day. But what's wrong with selecting a day to appreciate what you love? Granted, you should let the people you care about know you care about them everyday, but you should also be thankful (Turkey Day) and giving/love Jesus (Christmas) everyday, too, but that doesn't stop us from getting together to celebrate.
Seems about accurate, yes? In the grand tradition of killing things I love every Valentines Day, The OC is down to its final two episodes, and the final song ever to be played on the show has been revealed. Check it out, not too shabby of a choice for the show that really made the "Let's play sad, preferably indie music, during every episode" idea seem brilliant, and which was then copied by Grey's Anatomy. I'd still imagine the best use was definitely Jeff Buckley rocking out to close out one of the most entertaining seasons in television history.

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