Saturday, February 03, 2007

Agent Zero vs. Black Mamba: Round Two

Tomorrow after the show I’ll give you a more full-on DC update - short version: your Democratic presidential candidate is definitely coming from one of three people unless something ridiculous happens/I'm glad I'm not under three feet of snow in South Bend - but there’s some local news happening tonight that fits nicely into my schedule of “Having to wake up at 3:30 Sunday morning”.

The rematch. Kobe vs. Gilbert, live from Washington, DC. Antawn Jamison is out for the Wiz, but the Lake Show just got it handed to them last night in Indiana, so they’ll be on weary legs as 24 rolls into town The two superstars are being kind to one another at the moment, which is better than Bryant saying one of the most hypocritical statements of all time after Arenas dropped 60 on him back in December. And if you wonder why I love the psychological and storyline implications of the NBA over college basketball, or any other non-college football sport, for that matter, please look no further than FreeDarko’s response to Hibachi toasting the Mamba.

(I’m serious. Click the last link. You probably didn’t realize basketball could be written about like that.)

In a terrible move on my part, I assumed that this game would be like every other non-Redskins sporting event in DC, mainly that it wouldn’t possibly sell out too far in advance of the game. Well, surprise surprise, the Lakers do have a certain cache when they travel, and now the cheapest tickets on StubHub are going in the $150 area.

Extended update if I get time this afternoon, but definitely coming tomorrow before, after or maybe even during the Super Bowl, considering I couldn’t be less excited about it, especially after my quick run-through of the commercials didn’t inspire much hope. But still, Go Bears, and Wilbon and Kornheiser live-blogging the whole thing should be fun, right?

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