Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm not sure if I miss the snow or not

Well kids, if you're on the Siberian plains known as South Bend, you've already privy to nasty blizzards the last week or so. Until now, our little District has resided below the "Somebody dig out the Christmas CD's" line, but apparently tomorrow, we're going to get hit with some nasty stuff. That's probably a good sign, because Metro stations keep catching on fire.

Anyway, a few quick hits:

1) Sean brought this up post nominations, and I just remembered to say something about it, but Wordplay didn't get nominated for Best Documentary, robbing fellow Domer and Dillonite Patrick Creadon a chance to accept his shiny gold award in a Big Red tie. I was sure the film that got nominated over him would feature a quadriplegic AIDS victim from Africa, and while that's not the case, these two films seem extremely scary and not nearly as great as Wordplay (95% on RottenTomatoes, by the by).

2) The Harold and Kumar sequel looks to be positively awesome.

3) If you replaced Katie Holmes with Rachel McAdams in Batman Begins, it might be the perfect movie. They might give it a shot in round two.

4) Staying in the "Perfect Match-Up" vein, Kristen Bell singing Barenaked Ladies' "One Week" on last week's Veronica Mars definitely ranks up there.

5) I'd imagine you've all seen the new iPhone, as it was released before break was over, but just in case.

6) If you enjoyed The Departed - and I know oh-so-many of you did - this is a must read/see.

7) The 2007 PNC Park promotional dates are set - Freddy Sanchez Bobblehead Night on April 28th, again I miss our crowned prince being celebrated - but the final paragraph of this preview sums up the Pittsburgh Pirates rather well.

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