Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cinema Public Service Annoucement

According to the lovely lady on the phone I just talked to over at Kerasotes ShowPlace 16 on Chippewa - the theater that looks like a massive airplane hangar/aquarium - Borat will be playing there on Friday night. Unless this information is false, we'll be making a ticket run sometime Friday afternoon because I'd be highly surprised if the show didn't sell out, ala Ocean's Twelve freshman year.

I was worried Sasha Baron Cohen wouldn't be gracing South Bend when it was announced the movie was going to be in limited-wide release Friday, but my fears have been quelled. A great success, indeed.

Also, on the blockbuster front - because Borat will make a boatload of money, I assure you - the ever-fantastic Malcolm Gladwell penned a piece for The New Yorker about a mathematical equation that predicts blockbusters. It's odd, but an interesting read, considering the thought that goes in at this site about how does one predict a successful television program or film.

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