Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I'm not a big Halloween guy, as it's been stated countless times, but I understand the merits of the holiday. Horror movie marathons. Girls dressed up in slutty costumes. Free candy. Vandalism of random neighbors' houses. When you compare that to the countless virtues of Christmas, why, I can't imagine anyone choosing yuletide cheer over identity disillusionment and little kids taking candy from strangers.

Still, it's worth looking at the 100 scariest movie moments of all time (ht: ALOTT5MA), why vampries can't exist (they obviously do) and one of my favorite Buffy episodes of all-time. Much like I find it difficult to believe life as a musica every once in a while wouldn't be sweet, I can't imagine a Halloween where everyone turns into their costume not being almost as awesome. I almost might consider getting this book at some point in time, just because it seems like a fun

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