Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And buy me a star on the boulevard, it's Californiacation...

The blog will be on a temporary hiatus as I jet out west, visiting the land of Nick Lachey, Shaun Livingston and Ron Burgundy. Sean is also flying in tonight, with AMack joining us Friday around noon as we stay at the Casa de Winter in Los Angeles. Saturday we're making the drive down the Pacific coast to San Diego, where Caitlyn will come out of her summer seclusion to usher us around the Whale's Vagina before we spend the evening casino-hopping. Newport, Neptune, Sunnydale, the FIDM, the Bluthe Banana Stand - I plan on seeing them all, even though I think at least three of the above are fictional.

But do not fear, as I will not leave you empty-handed. Instead, you'll have a variety of homework assignments and research to do so we're all better prepared for the last few weeks of summer. Sharpen your knowledge or assemble your opinion on the following:

Part One: What do you feel is the song of summer? I'd list the dozen or so legitimate options, but you all listen to the radio and are capable of assessing which single has bombarded you the most as you cruise with the top down or lay poolside.


Part Two: Your NCAA national championship prediction. Heck, think about the BCS bowls if you want to. Remember, there are now five of them - the Sugar, Orange, Rose, Fiesta and new BCS National Championship Game - and there must be automatic bids from the Big East (West Virginia or Louisville), PAC-10 (USC again?), Big Twelve (Texas or OU?), Big Ten (Uhh...) and SEC (Yikes. Good luck with that). The Irish are number three on the new NCAA Football 2007, which feels just about right. Again, with the opening slate of Georgia Tech, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State, we'll either be a legitimate number one or out of title contention by the end of September. Good to know that.

Part Three: This may come off as completely random, but I want you to consider everything you know, or simply have formed an opinion on, about Jude Law. Rent Closer if you want to, and watch it with a loved one you want to make squirm and ruin Damien Rice for. Why my sudden interest in the apparent cinematic cancer that is Law? Here's your answer.

Well, I'm off, but everyone enjoy their weekends and I'll be back late Monday night.

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