Tuesday, May 02, 2006

End of Semester Means Summer Movies...and Bond

Really, only in my mind, but I thought you might enjoy some movie posters, because who doesn't?

Even thought it doesn't open until November, the new Bond trailer and new Bond poster are out. For the countless gazillions of Daniel Craig doubters - who wouldn't doubt if they'd seen Munich or Layer Cake - should show a little more faith. The new trailer looks awesome. Click on the poster to bring said trailer up.

Looks old-school, Connery-like...I'm legitimately excited about it. The villain, at least the few glimpses you get, seems sort of "Eh", but the rest of the trailer looks sweet.


Maybe Casino Royale should steal Kevin Spacey for the new Superman trailer, because he's the only freaking one who looks any good in this. (He, and Frank Langella filling Lane Smith's role as Perry White.) I'm really, really unhappy with Kate Bosworth at this moment, and is it me, or does the Superman costume look padded? Whatever. I'm angry, but I'll still probably see it because I'm a geek.


The first trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie looked decent, but a little cheesy. This new one? Significantly better, if only for Davey Jones playing piano with his squid face. The question is: "Do you really want to doubt a comic-type movie like this with Johnny Depp in the lead?". Of course not. Who doesn't love them some Johnny Depp fighting CGI Krakens?


More Mission: Impossible: 3 reviews are pouring in, and even the negative ones aren't wholly condemning, just slightly disappointed. The 78% it's currently at will probably drop into the 60's, but there's enough positive hype that I think it will be a nice pre-Finals catharsis.

Worst case? We get to see Tom Cruise blown into things.

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