Monday, April 24, 2006

Travis Thomas Always Bowls A Strike

It is cruel Fate that combines a loaded paper-writing weekend with the Blue-Gold game, Pigtostal, the start of the NBA playoffs (thirty-two quarters in about the same amount of hours) and the arrival of my Entertainment Weekly double-issue summer movie preview. It’s sad that the choices I’ve made of things to do – haven’t opened the EW yet, watched the entire Blue-Gold game – have totally backfired.

Then, on top of that, I listen to wise people who inform me Grey’s Anatomy is a quality show – and besides the Ellen Pompeo whining and all the crying, it is – and they air four or five new episodes since we got back from Christmas break, ending with another recap show last night when there isn’t enough stuff to really tell since the last one. People will still watch it, but you can only show many Brian premieres or recaps before people start getting a little angry. Two things more disappointing than no new Grey’s, Earl or Office this weekend?

1) The Blue-Gold Game – It wasn’t a waste of time, as they kept it moving, but the only thing I really wanted to see what James Aldridge running, and he didn’t touch the field. I guess he’s been dinged up throughout the spring, but come on Chuck-Dubb, throw us a bone here. However, Travis Thomas played a great game, D-Walk looked good and Rhema appears to be back in shape, so the Offense That Shall Shake The Earth The Rest of the BCS Walks On should be good to go come Atlanta and September 2nd. Oh, and by the way, Georgia Tech lost another defensive back. Barring some insane performance by Reggie Ball and Calvin Johnson, this is going to be a nice little start to the season.

2) The Sentinel - Normally, I don’t see thrillers, and normally I don’t see poorly-reviewed movies, but Suzi Q and I are in quite the Jack Bauer kick, so we decided to check this out. (Plus, Eva Longoria was involved.) It wasn’t terrible, it was just what you would see if you made a Typical Paint-By-The-Numbers-Thriller. Nobody was particularly bad, nobody was particularly great (Michael Douglas was okay in the lead) and they didn’t let Kiefer Sutherland channel Jack Bauer like we wanted him to. (”UPLOAD IT TO MY PDA!!”) Plus, on top of everything else, the trailers beforehand weren’t even that good. Disappointing night at the movies after the brilliance that was Thank You For Smoking.

(For those of you looking to kill time before finals, Thank You For Smoking is playing at the Kerasotes theater south of town. It’s a really easy drive and a super-nice theater where we saw Capote and Walk The Line. You really wouldn’t have to twist my arm to make me go again…)

There are about ten more pages to go on the opus that is my final paper for Arthurian Legends – but my goodness, will it be glorious; I’m considering a table of contents for the title page – and after that I can start the summer movie/May sweeps/NBA playoffs/NFL draft/end of sophomore year (Two and a half weeks left!?) textual smorgasbord.


And for those of you a little bummed out about how your life is going, Katie suggested and I fully agree that if you just watch this, you’ll feel a little bit better about your own life. Driving back from spring break when he was guest-hosting for Ryan Seacrest was one of the more depressing weekend countdowns of all-time, and that’s after you removed Ryan Seacrest.

Happy Monday, enjoy the last full week of classes.

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