Monday, April 24, 2006

Dear Sir, Surely You Jest

Just incase you were unawares - and I certainly did not realize it - but this week is National TV Turnoff Week. It's directed at children whose parents don't spend enough time with them and just sit them in front of the television in order to keep them out of their hair, or for children whose parents don't instruct them on a daily basis that "When it's nice, you should be outside."

I'd love to see how this plan has absolutely zero effect on television ratings, as it's a stupid concept unnecessary for any balanced person that realizes television can be good family/friend television, that informative television can increase your intelligence and that good television is just as much an art as movies, paintings or music. The Alabama Register presents you with a list of things you can do besides watching television , which includes such revolutionary concepts as "playing boardgames", "reading a book", "going to a sporting event" and "getting physical".

Little known fact: As long as a television anywhere in the country is on, you can't actually do the aforementioned things. Let's give a big thanks to the TV Turnoff Network and the Alabama Register for some creative new ideas. If this doesn't help America get less obese, stupid and obnoxious to other countries, I don't know what will.

An evil television sucking the soul out of an innocent American.

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