Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Tradition Like No Other....

Phil Mickelson leads the Masters going into the Final Round. A Tiger/Phil battle down the back nine would be absolutely awesome. And it would also be a chance to see both of their smoking wives. Everybody wins here, folks. Everybody.


The 1974 Pittsburgh Pirates started the season 0-6.

The 1974 Pittsburgh Pirates won their division.


My experience with lacrosse players is much more limited and doesn't really relate to this article well, but it's still a fascinating look at the personality-type potentially responsible for some sexual assault down in good ol' Durham, NC.


I really, really screwed up the remainder of April schedule a few posts back. It actually goes something like this:

April 22nd - Blue-Gold Game (Brought to you by Chick-fil-a!), PigTostal, at our senior year residences, brought to you by the swimteam and potentially the fine ladies and gentlemen of the South Bend Police Department.

April 29th - The NFL Draft, and the last Saturday before classes finish at ND. I believe this will also be the precursor to finals week at other fine learning institutions.

Just wanted to clear that up.

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