Tuesday, April 11, 2006

One Month

Remember last year around this time when that stupid "One Month" thing came out? People had it posted outside their doors, linked in their infos, quoted in their aways. It was mushy, retarded trash that just said it would be so different to go home. Granted, I'm slightly freaked out by the fact in a month I'll be halfway done with college, but it's a good sort of freaking out. The weather's warm, Easter break is but two days away, baseball's started, the Tivo is humming and we're quickly approaching summer movie season. If you're not high on life right now, you're either overly stressing about minute details like "grades", "test scores" and "papers you have to finish" or unable to smell the proverbial roses. Thankfully, my profs decided to throw all my papers that need done for the end of the semester into a two-day period around the end of April. Once I power through that, it's over, save for a few finals and lots of quad lounging.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Weather being warm = Chris outside = less updates. I'll attempt to reconcile that a bit now, although limited time means it won't be nearly as thorough as I'd like...


We picked rooms last night, and despite missing out on the potential awesomeness of having a bathroom in our room or having a South Quad view, we've got a pretty sweet set-up that should end up with one of our common rooms vaguely resembling this:

Granted, I only get to bask in the Cheersy glow for a semester before departing to DC, but it should make for an enjoyable football season/cold fall months in South Bend.


Speaking of football season, we're under five months until the Fighting Irish begin their 2006 National Championship campaign. With a game at Georgia Tech and home dates with Michigan and Penn State on the docket before we even reach October, the season could be well on its way to ever-lasting glory or sorry disappointment by the time September ends.

A lot of people would like to dismiss Georgia Tech, especially after Utah drubbed them in their Random West Coast Late-Night Bowl Game and due to the fact Chan Gailey shows he's slightly retarded anytime the Yellow Jackets are on primetime, but the fine folks at Every Day Should Be Saturday give a fair warning to not fall into an ugly, old school Big Ten/AFC Central-style game with The Freak Known As Calvin Johnson ready to snatch a late touchdown and bring tears to little Irish eyes everywhere.

Also, incase you were wondering, you can get to Atlanta in under ten hours, and tickets shouldn't be that hard to get. Who's in?


If you think the priests around here get into a hissy fit about the Vagina Monologues, imagine if they had to deal with this, apparently an ad for a new MTV show:

MTV rankled the Central Committee of German Catholics with print ads for the skeinskein that depict an empty cross and a laughing Jesus sitting in front of a TV plus a slogan that reads "Instead of just hanging around, have a laugh."

I'm actually slightly offended by that, so I can only imagine what the people who love to write into The Observer will say if they get wind of this. Yikes.


For those who decreed the sitcom dead, they were a little early in their obits. FOX has busted out two quality, if a little ridiculous, comedies in The Loop and Free Ride, while How I Met Your Mother returned last night with an awesome episode. When this comes out on DVD, it's going to be a huge hit in college communities; I just can't imagine it not. It's got the ever-hilarious Barney lines for the guys, and then mushy, chick-like Ted for the ladies. Who wouldn't enjoy? Sharp writing, great editing, everyone should love this show.


Just incase you were wondering what happens to the much-ballyhooed spray tan business on Real World: Key West, it apparently shut down shortly after the roomies moved out. Is it wrong that I'm really enjoying this season so far? Also, a thousand points for anyone who can tell me where Tyler went to school, as I haven't researched it, but I'm sure it's out there.


Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for his second green jacket following his Masters beatdown on Sunday. Tim Keown on ESPN writes an interesting quip that Phil will never win in some people's eyes - how many times did Jim Nantz pine about Tiger's missed chances? - I present you this photo as evidence Mickelson is a winner everyday he wakes up:


And finally, as my must depart to work, I'll leave you with one of my favorite Daily Show pieces. I was thinking about this morning after somebody said something about the royal family, and I immediately wondered, "Geez, maybe this is just on YouTube. I think it was funny to more than just me at the time."

Sure enough, Stephen Colbert reporting live from London, England....

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