Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Break = Over

It is interesting, and somewhat depressing, to see everyone with their tans and new Facebook albums, knowing very well this transition back to South Bend must be one of worse ordeals they've ever gone through in their life. And it's not just coming back to the Plains of Indiana - oh no - but classes resume today, and nobody, not even Sean, is excited about that.

But, gentle folks, I offer you a fun alternative from the malaise of ND: Semester at Sea. It's like a four month-long spring break, except you pretend to take classes and get to hang out at many different beachy locales instead of just a couple. Here's one of my favorites and cinematic peer, Caitlyn, in India, one of many in the parade of photos and stories about how fantastic every place she goes is. I'm not at all bitter...

For some reason, Caitlyn has photo-shopped in an arrow that didn't make the transition to the blog. Imagine, though.

When Patrick gets me a picture of the whale sharks he got to see, those are totally going up, too.

And while I'm throwing up photos, and before we look at all of the dead-sexy Sweet Sixteen match-ups (UCLA/Gonzaga? BC/Nova?), I just want to say good-bye to one of the best showboaters I've ever seen, Carl Krauser, who played his last collegiate game Sunday afternoon. Sadly, and against all odds, I couldn't find a picture of him making that damn "X", but this will do until someone finds me an alternative.

We'll always remember you cheap-shotting people and almost crying, Carl.

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