Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So Is It Summer Yet?

I think everyone is done with this semester, whether the number of classes, tests and grades we have yet to get through are finished or not. With the exciting potential of summer in front of us, the massive potential of our football team next season, studying abroad for a lot of people coming up after that and then our sweet housing set-up for senior year, who can be pumped for a never-ending winter in South Bend? There's some relief, as the classes for next fall have been released, but frankly, nobody can concentrate or care too much at this point in time.

And it's this constant malaise that I'm a part of that I blame my lack of blogging on. I wish it wasn't my fault, but it's the society I'm a part of that doesn't allow me to write as much as I like. I'll attempt to make up for a bit of that now...


I understand why some people can't stand the all-luck factor of Deal or No Deal, but that's looking at it the wrong way. While luck is a factor - the poor lady tonight couldn't hit a small amount, wiping out the entire right side in three turns - common sense, or just an idea of math, is also important. The guy who ended the show passed up $55,000 with only a one-in-sixish chance of 300,000 because his pre-pubescent children thought he should keep going. Odds are pretty good that you're not going to have 300k in your case, and even if you do, you still won $55,000. The Texan on Monday might have screwed up by not taking the amount in his case - $500,000 - but the odds said he should have gotten out at $109,000, which is exactly what he did.

As long as they don't go Millionaire on it and air it every night, and as long as Howie Mandel stays tolerable, it's quality entertainment on your weeknights. It might not be smart television, but it's certainly entertaining.


I'm done with The OC. I was watching the episode from Thursday night and I ended up fast-forwarding through most of it. You couldn't pay me to care about Marissa, and while the Johnny thing started out somewhat interesting oh-so-many months ago, it ended up being the straw that broke the camel's back. Looking back on it, I guess The OC sucked pretty bad through the second season, but we were all holding out hope. At some point in time, I'm going to look at where it really went wrong - irrevocably wrong - although I'm pretty sure it's going to end up being that damned mall episode. Still, it was probably doomed from the beginning, just because Mischa Barton cannot act and brought nothing to the show.

RIP The OC. It was a fun ride, although in retrospect, probably only for 22 episodes or so.


How am I not supposed to be excited as a Dolphin fan right now? We're probably going to add Lavar Arrington and at least one sweet draft pick, and the rest of the AFC is slowly decomposing, with proven enemies like Adam Vinatieri, Willie McGinest, John Abraham and Eric Moulds either already gone or on their way out the door. The Patriots either have a fantastic masterplan or are confident to a fault, the Steelers have one wide-receiver and have kept the merry-go-round at safety rolling and Jake Plummer and Peyton Manning are still in charge of the other top contenders. This season is going to be like taking candy from a baby.


This is monumental news, folks. Absolutely fantastic:

Darko started tonight. If you don't care about the NBA, and that's probably the majority of those reading this, then I plead for you to at least recognize our favorite Serbian's magical journey from "DNP - Coach's Decision" to starting tonight, and throwing out a worthy line of:

32 minutes, 13 points on 6 for 11 shooting, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks, 2 assists and a steal.

Our baby boy is all grown up.


As I've written before, we're slowly becoming acclimated to Grey's Anatomy, because we need something to replace The OC and Desperate, which are ridiculous and terrible, but some people are taking the GA thing a little too far.

Those people are the fine folks at TVLand, who are annointing Grey's a future classic. Now, it obviously has some potential, but it hasn't even completed it's second season yet, and didn't have a complete first season before that. Everyone needs to sit back, calm down and just wait, as Meredith Grey might be the second most annoying character on TV, and our children might not be that interested in seeing her whine about how attractive, talented and rich she's going to be. Oh woe is her.


I wanted to do more, but bedtime quickly approached, and I'll have plenty of time after class to preview the night's Sweet Sixteen games. But for now, I just realized I can put the Snakes on a Plane trailer on my blog, so here it is:

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It's almost the weekend. Just hold out....

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