Friday, March 24, 2006

"Me Not Read" - The Friday Links

A shout-out to the great Jockular in The Observer today, mixing up the Scrabble tiles that make up the words "Notre Dame" to make up other phrases related to the University, such as the above reference made to to business majors. It's not that I have anything against business majors - I know many of them, and many of them are good people - but I still found that entertaining. Still, not quite as fun as making fun of engineering majors, but still admirable.

(And if you're saying "Chris, are you only making back-handed comments about those that frequent Mendoza because they're going to have jobs and you aren't?", then the answer to that would be a definitive "Yes".)


Just incase you haven't had enough coverage of the awesome games last night, Chad unearthed this Sports Illustrated cover featuring JJ and Adam, with the answer to the question posed obviously being "Marcus Williams".


James Aldridge is going to be awesome. That is all.


Last week before the tournament started, the The Phat Phree calculated the Nerd Factor for most of the NCAA. Obviously, Notre Dame was going to be high - we were second, behind the Dukies- but I'm pretty comfortable with the company we're keeping. Georgetown, UNC and Stanford round out the Top Five, and I'm not sure how Michigan was so high, as I don't really think of them as that "nerdy". My only problem with the article is that it hates on the "we" usage, which is understandable, but 90% of hardcore sports fans I know bust out the "we" for any team they affiliate themselves strongly with. I just love the Tiger Woods picture and the introduction discussing how people who don't follow the tournament don't have a soul.


Oh, by the way:

He's back.


You know I loves me some TV - I'm secretly hoping I don't get into the Fundamentals of Journalism class, thereby allowing me an out to make a run at an FTT, with a television concentration - dual major, but for now, I'll simply have to maintain my status as outsider. But USA Today is doing some quality previewing before the fall schedules are released, and the only thing better than The CW maintaining its name is some of the new shows on the docket for fall. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip looks to be fantastic, and there's a spot in my heart for Sixty Minute Man, simply because my parents' love of JAG transferred to David James Elliot. I like how we got a bunch of shitty Lost knock-offs this year, and now we get a bunch of crappy attempts at bottling the thriller magic of 24 and Prison Break. I do like the apparent super hero trend, although I'd strongly contest that there's missing a gold mine by not making a Sky High series.


You'll notice the poker banner at the top of the page, and that's just another ill-fated attempt at making money without really doing anything. If you should fancy playing some online poker, use that link and the assigned reference code, although I'm not sure how well this will work. It takes up a lot of space, so this will just be a trial run for a few weeks to see how things go. Your friendly neighborhood blog is not selling out, fear not. I'd preview the Sweet Sixteen games for tonight, but considering I was a terrible 1-3 last night, I won't waste the HTML.

If you want to see a movie this weekend, check out Insideman, which is apparently the best Spike Lee joint in some time. If you want watch some television, my sister says Lifetime's Cheerleader Nation is hilarious and worth your time, so that might get added to the Tivo docket. Don't forget, Saturday and Sunday are the elite games, with Texas/LSU, UCLA/Memphis and two games yet to be decided (although I'd wager Villanova/Florida and UConn/George Mason).

Happy Weekending.

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