Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's Selection Sunday!!!

When you look at the best days of the year, you can sort of see where my priorities are. Christmas is up there, the first full NFL Sunday, the first day of the tournament (Thursday) and St Patrick's Day (Friday), but always up there is today, the day they release the beloved NCAA Tournament brackets.

This year is particularly interesting because there is absolutely nothing resembling a clear-cut favorite. Sure, you can say UConn and Memphis is the most talented or Duke are Gonzaga are the most overrated, but I could say UConn doesn't seem to care most of the time and Memphis is, well, they're Memphis. Extremely talented, but they've always had amazing athletes. Perhaps Sean Williams will be the one to put them over the top.

Tonight, we'll be able to start prognosticating what will surely be one of the most wide open brackets in recent memory. Any team you pick, there's a solid argument against them, which means the UCLA's, UNC's and BC's of the world will have a great shot at making a run this March/April.

A little over six hours until the commencement of The Run to One Shining Moment 2006.

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