Thursday, March 09, 2006

Home Sweet Home

After finishing off a few days of hell - three midterms, five papers, presentation for Vera (might mean little to you, terrifying to Tim and Chad) - I'm back home. Perhaps one night early, as Thursday evening is pseudo-St. Patrick's Day at ND, but I got to see my sister's play - a total disaster, but in an entertaining way - and make plans for Casino Niagara and the rest of my weekend.

I'm faced with an interesting paradox over break, as I'll have more time to blog, but no readership. Everyone will be on a beach, in Appalachia or chillaxing at home, and while that's obviously fine, it'll be weird preaching to an empty congregation. Therefore, I think I'm trying to keep things limited to bigger pieces - the Race odds rundown Tuesday night, obvious college hoops stuff between the conference tournaments and Selection Sunday, a look at the Real World and anything else that should happen across my desktop. Then, at the end of next weekend when I'm back at ND, surrounded by hungover, sun-burnt comrades who are bemoaning the losses of their spring break destinations and/or livers, I'll just make a big ol' list of everything people have missed that they can just pick from should they wish.

Quick hits for tonight/this morning as everyone packs and sobers up...


Do you consider this Notre Dame basketball season a disappointment, or are you happy we just managed to hang around in games when we focus our offense in shooting threes and have a big man who is incapable of dunking in nearly every situation. The question of "Will things get better with Brey?" has to be answered, because his "Let's chuck threes" offense seems ridiculous, but when I consider the alternative - "Let's run our offense through Torin Francis and Ric Cornett" - I have to think we might just need a complete overhaul in personnel. I can't see things getting much better with Brey, and we can't keep saying "Let's see how he does without so-and-so", but you have to think we're not that talented.


Who knew eating disorders could be so entertaining? Real World: Key West is decent through the first two episodes, despite the fact Svetlana and Paula combine to possess every negative female trait I can possibly imagine. That, and I'm really excited John is showing the world, at least according to Dill, what the majority of Penn State guys are like. I hope we get to mock a host of them next September after we embarrass the Nittay Lions in the Irish home opener.


By the way, this upcoming NCAA tournament is going to be one of the most wide-open in history. All of the top seeds have some glaring flaw you can't overlook. With UConn it's their focus, Duke their depth and lack of athleticism, Gonzaga their defense, Memphis their youth and the fact they're Memphis, Villanova and Ohio State both relying on the three so much...and those are basically it for top seeds. It is not inconceivable to see a streaking 6 or 7 seed make a deep run, as all of the "favorites" are 100% beatable. I think I'll still go with UConn, simply because they are so talented, but you could make a legitimate case for nearly anyone to make a run.


I like it when intelligent people agree with me, and feel the need to note that at times. My friend Pat from Holy Cross (the real Massachusetts version, not HCC) is running through some of 2005's hottest movies for Spring Break, and upon watching Hustle & Flow left me the following message:

"You were right. Hustle & Flow should have gotten a Best Picture nomination. Awesome stuff."

You know, it's hard out here for a pimp.

...unless you're winning Oscars. Holla.


Winning enough money at Casino Niagara tomorrow for these:

No question I'm losing all my money. Sigh.

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