Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Farewell "Arrested"

In the most sobering news of the day, Arrested Development creator and all-around comic genius Mitch Hurwitz has decided to call it quits on his beloved, analyzed, critically-lauded and Nelsonly-detested show. While there was hope Showtime was going to pick up one of the best sitcoms in television history, it now appears that will not be happening, as if Hurwitz is not onboard, there's no real reason to do this thing, especially with the fitting ending to this season.

So how do you get your Arrested fix? Well, the Season Three DVD's drop on June 13th and there's still a rumor of a featured film, as Ron Howard is obviously backing it. An Arrested film would probably be the only thing with the potential of competing with Reno 911!: Miami for best comedy based on a film.

Much has been written about AD on this blog, and this will surely not be the last post about it. But for the time-being, just curl up with your Seasons One and Two DVD sets and cry yourself quietly to sleep.

I believe black would be more fitting on such a day.

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