Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Arrested" Saved!" "Brokeback" Parodied! Oscars On Horizon!

In the best news of a relatively gloomy South Bend day, it's been basically confirmed that Showtime will be picking up twenty-six more episodes of Arrested. I hope they maintain the censoring, because it definitely adds something to the show. I'm also not sure where they'll go now that they basically blew everything up in the great season (not series!!!) finale a few Friday nights ago, but I'll take my AD anyway I can get it.

Read here or listen here.


Sean and I have been scrawling down Oscar predictions at a furious rate, preparing for the big, predictable gala this Sunday night. If anyone wants to try their hand at beating our extremely biased, extremely informed predictions, it shouldn't be too hard, so e-mail them, IM them or toss them in the comments come our prediction post on Oscar Sunday, a mere three days away.

FameTracker, creator of the exceptional "Hey! It's That Guy!" handbook, are going crazy leading up to the show, including such gems as Peter Jackson's Oscar diary - best if read aloud with a New Zealand accent - a look at how this year's best picture nominees could be adapted to TV shows for 2009/2010, which was too well-thought out and researched for myself, and comparing the necesity of Oscar to the necesity of weddings. Also, anytime anyone is heaping the praise upon George Clooney, I love it.

Despite the fact almost all of the major awards have been decided going into the show, that only makes the upsets more exciting. (And of course, if they don't happen, then we shall all properly complain.)


I haven't gotten to the new Real World yet, but Barcus informs me it's flat-out retarded. I'm sure I'll get to it soon enough, but before I do, the Amazing Race premiere was Tuesday night and it did not disappoint.

There's ten teams, but the early favorites are definitely BJ and Tyler, the hippy looking dudes who've already circumnavigated the globe together. Eric and Jeremy are just beach bums who earned my respect when they stated "We want to be millionaires, but we don't want to have to work for it" who did well in the first episode, but I'm not sure if they were cut out for using maps, or other "complicated" things like that.

The Tuesday night over break, I'll handicap the teams' chances once we get down to eight and the fat has been cut away, but there are definitely some interesting characters, including pycho-dentist Lake and Norah Jones/Natalie Portman clone Desiree, an NYU grad.

The best show on television, people, and that's not even slight hyperbole.


The most addicting-for-no-reason show on television? Deal or No Deal. Just try to pull yourself away from it. The show requires absolutely zero talent, constitues complete luck to be successful, is hosted by Howie Mandel and uses commercial breaks in the most annoying manner possible, yet is extremely entertaining. Before NBC kills it with overplay (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Line One), enjoy it, or just play the game online.


And finally the best link of the day:

Someone has taken all of the Brokeback parodies and located them to one site located right here. I've yet to watch them all, but my favorite is still Brokeback To The Future.

Tons of paper writing and revising to do, along with the three tests Tuesday, so I'm not sure when the next update will be. Spring Break, March Madness and gambling are all so, so close.....

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