Friday, January 20, 2006

I've Made A Huge Mistake

Over a week and no legitimate blogs. You'll just have to excuse me due to the legitimate shock of having crap to do. Work, reading, going to class, catching up with people and napping take up a lot of time. There'll be an extended post soon, because we must touch on the NFL Playoffs, The OC and our house signage, but I've been gathering links all week, so I'll just throw a few of those up.

Do you want the good news first, or the better news first?: You want the good? We can do that, in the form of Will Arnett's air guitar being available online. Calling it an air guitar is a slight, because there's multiple instruments included, along with a guest saxophone gig by Conan himself.

The better news? Not only is there a good chance someone's picking up Arrested Development, but there's actually a bidding war going on between Showtime and ABC. Hopefully NBC jumps into the bidding and realizes there would be no better laugh track-free comedy block than a Thursday night of Earl, The Office, Scrubs and AD. That's exciting just thinking about it.


If by Most Valuable Player, you mean "has a weakness for concussions, showing up in big games and getting hit by the Redskins", then we have our winner: When we get to the playoff review, the main things I'm going to touch on is the "How can people say the Broncos were outplayed?" debate (they were), why Peyton always chokes (just to give me joy), how the Steelers are looking like Super Bowl favorites (hope that isn't a jinx) and why Shaun Alexander might be the worst MVP in the last decade or so.

But before Shaun gets hit by an errant pom pom and needs to leave the game Sunday against the Panthers, enjoy this rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama", which makes "Here We Go Steelers" and "The Miami Dolphins Fight Song" look like Mozart. Warning: Deadspin is right, do not let this get stuck in your head.


There'll be a passionate plea coming later, but for now... I finished up Veronica Mars season one the night before I came back to school, and when I gather myself and make some notes, you're going to get a heart-felt plea to watch this, just like I begged you to watch Prison Break and Earl.

But for now, I'll leave the male readers of this blog with a solid reason to become invested: On the February 15th episode, Laguna Beach's Kristin will guest star.

As a cheerleader.

Who is a lesbian.

And breathe


Steeler Fans Not So Good With Other Football Stuff: This is just a fun all-around post, mainly because the last paragraph is accurate in it's description that this apparently hardcore Steelers fan is just another one of the black and gold worshippers that know little about football but whose parents push them into the cult of worship. And yes, Steeler Nation, I feel you're going to win Sunday, and it boils my blood.


Last year, Jamie won an Oscar. I think this one might look even better on the mantle: Check ya later, Tony Parker, because one of the hottest women on television (we're counting them down sometime) was on the arm of Jamie Foxx at the Golden Globes. And with his upcoming beatdown coming at the hands of the Pistons in the Finals, this year is not going to be a good one for the French point guard.


And finally, for those of you going through college football withdrawal: First, make note that nobody in the AP Top 10 returns more starters next year than the Fighting Irish. Secondly, note that 9 of Ohio State's defensive starters for this year won't be there next year, along with Santonio Holmes. Thirdly, note that Pete Carroll and Mack Brown will have to attempt to win games next year without Leinart, Young, Bush and White in their backfields.

And fourthly? Memorize this drinking game for your next Kegs n' Eggs. Brilliance.

Happy Weekending.

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