Saturday, January 21, 2006

Beasts of the East

It's been a good day so far:

* Got my camera replaced (sorta messed it up last night)
* Got a new watch battery
* Pitt lost to St. Johns
* The Dukies have fallen in DC to the Hoyas

The Big Ten might be really good (although Wisconsin losing to North Dakota State at home doesn't help things), but the class of the country is the Big East. Notre Dame is 1-4 in league play after last night's two point loss at Marquette, but they've at least been competitive in every game. The Villanova Wildcats come to town in a week, and I'm very excited to see the four guard offense in action. WVU can make another bid for Big East dominance with a win over UCLA and former Big East Coach of the Year Ben Howland, who they're taking on right now.

Another positive for the Big East, this time in the gridiron area, is Pat Forde has slotted West Virginia into his number one slot in the pre-pre-preseason polls. Considering there might not be a faster backfield combo on the planet than White and Slaton, it's not a bad choice, especially with the holes gaping in Columbus, Austin, Los Angeles, South Bend and Les Miles coaching in Baton Rouge.

Telling Stat From Last Night's Loss:

Of Colin Fall's 14 field goal attempts, all 14 were from three.

With Florida next in line to be number one, the only question is whether they lose by thirty tonight in Knoxville or wait until they're officially crowned this week to bomb.

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