Sunday, December 11, 2005

Three Straight for Miami!!!

Due to the fact we lost road games to the Bills, Jets and Browns, the Phins will not be playoff-bound this year, despite wins over such heavyweights as the Panthers, Broncos and Chargers. Gus isn't the long-term answer at quarterback, but we're putting the other pieces of the offense into place.

(Of course, if the Pats lose to the Bucs and at the Jets, and the Dolphins win at home against the Titans and Jets, we'd be set up for another Week Seventeen Showdown in Foxboro. The odds of these Dolphins winning six straight and Tom Brady losing three straight to end a season are not so hot, though. However, stay tuned....)

Dear Steelers,

You're welcome. Again.

The Dolphins

PS: Don't you kinda wish you had cheerleaders?

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