Monday, December 12, 2005

Impending Doom Random Links

Know what it feels like to have two finals in a four and a half hour span, with maybe only the most basic of knowledge for each class?

The Bad News: Potentially disastrous grades on two finals.

The Good News: Getting half of my finals out of the way in one fell swoop, then napping/watching Die Hard

Life is rough. Link time.


Marco, the genius at NDChooChoo, has recorded an eight-minute rendition of "American Pie", smoothly fitting in "Misters Davie and Ty", as opposed to the original words. It gets a little random and out of place in some spots, but overall, it's genius.



You'll have to navigate the Bacardi (?) site to get to it, but the trailer for theMiami Vice remake is up, and the same thing that bothered me when they announced the actors continues to bother me, despite the fantastic idea of setting the trailer to "Numb/Encore":

Why is Colin Farrell in this movie? When you think of Vice, you think of, I don't know, some charm and wit in the lead. Jamie Foxx provides that. Colin Farrell is not Don Johnson, and that's saying something, and I'm pretty sure it's going to ruin the movie.

(Credit Cinematical)


How sweet is next summer going to be for movies? Pirates of the Caribbean, X3 (Trailer now available, if anyone wants a breakdown of it shot-by-shot, talk to Sean. He's done it.) and the new James Bond movie. Throw in all the potentials I don't have on my radar and the fact Vice might not suck, and it will be anything short of a cruel summer.


Just an article praising the hipness and "Buzz" of Earl and Prison Break. Huzzah.


Coming tomorrow afternoon after my finals, a nice little NFL breakdown, as I've been saturated with the pro goodness for two straight weekends. Sorry for the lameness of this post, but it's bump and go until this Friday afternoon.

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