Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sooo, I Guess There's A Game Today....

Syracuse has had some great players in their history...

Luckily, Carmelo, Hakim, Donovan, Marvin, Jim and Craig will not be playing today.

I don't think it's overconfidence when your opponent is as bad as Syracuse. I don't even think there are freak injuries that could make us lose this one, unless that freak injury is to the entire Irish sideline. They have one win this year - against Buffalo (not the Bills) - and the only upper-echelon team they faced, Florida State, threw for 400 yards against them with the rotating special educations unit they call the quarterback position.

We're going to roll on to 8-2, setting the stage for potential heartbreak/BCS winfall in Palo Alto next Saturday. But of course, we have to win this one first.

Formality Score Only: Irish 52 Orange 17

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