Sunday, November 06, 2005

BlogPoll Week Eleven: Fear The U

Sorry, Alabama, but you’re going to have to score an offensive touchdown against Mississippi State to keep some sort of respect from me. LSU scored more points against the Bulldogs then they did against Appalachian State. Win against said Bayou Bengals Saturday and you’ll get your number three among the other unbeatens, no questions asked. But let’s ask a Big Question: If the Irish win out - which they should, considering they’ll be double-digit favorites in every game -what’s the where (Tempe, Phoenix) and the who (tOSU, PSU, The U, VT) of their BCS opponent?

1) Southern Cal
2) Texas
3) Miami (Florida)
4) Notre Dame
5) Penn State
6) Alabama
7) Louisiana State
8) Georgia
9) Virginia Tech
10) Ohio State
11) Oregon
12) West Virginia
13) Florida State
14) UCLA
15) Florida
16) Louisville
17) Auburn
18) Michigan
19) Wisconsin
20) Fresno State
21) TCU
22) Texas Tech
23) Colorado
24) Georgia Tech
25) Northwestern

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