Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

As winter descends upon South Bend, here's some links to keep you warm and cozy.

(Laguna wrap-up coming tonight after work when I get done reading...heesh...Emerson and Nietzsche. Shoot me now.)


The Miami Hurricane football team has taken the 3rd spot in both the AP Polls and BCS and appear to be heavy favorites to win the ACC thanks to their win over Va Tech and Florida State tumbling slowly off of the football map. Why are they so good?

Because their team made a 9-minute rap epic, which you can read about here and listen to here.

Props to EDSBS for the link.


Finally got to see the two Arrested episodes from last week thanks to Rob, and total genius doesn't begin to describe them. If I think about how FOX screwed things up with this show...sorry, getting angry. Anyway, a few questions.

Would it be as funny without the bleeping? (No)

Is Will Arnett the next Will Ferrell? (Maybe, but let's remember that Will Ferrell had a lot more exposure before his movie run than Arnett has had on AD.)

Why can't America just appreciate this? (I'll blame American Idol.)


SHOCKEEEEEER. Check out this link for the massive euphemisms listed right after the definition. Beyond hilarious.

(Hat-tip to MGoBlog, home of the BlogPoll, where the Irish currently reside at the comfy seven spot.


I think I kinda wanna play Ohio State now. Mandel defends the Irish valiantly, as tOSU's offense completely choked up at really convenient times, especially against a Penn State defense that wasn't going to give them anything running between the tackles and has given up some big plays over the course of the season. And don't forget, when we played Michigan State, they were humming along, and continued to hum for another couple of week's before Michigan took away their undefeated season and smile.

(Thanks to Patrick, who had this waiting for me when I got back from class today.)


And finally: Walker, Texas Rangers, when tag-teamed with Early Edition, was one of the better two hour blocks of television during my childhood/early adolescence. Needless to say, if you were unsure of this before, Chuck Norris is the freakin' man.

(Hugs and hand-pounds to Tim and Caitlyn both for this, as apparently I'm really far behind on the existence of this. I apologize, but sometimes things just slip through the cracks.)

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