Thursday, October 06, 2005

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

Two mid-terms and one five page paper in a 24-hour span would be enough to tire me out if it wasn't for the whole "Had been doing tons of crap the week leading up to it" thing. Thankfully, my reprieve (and doom) have arrived.

I'll be heading home this weekend, just in an effort to put myself even farther behind. I counted the hours I'd actually have free, and this is with minimal family visiting, and it's somewhere around four, so I guess it's good I got that paper done, anyway. So why am I taking this bye (See: party/work catch-up weekend) to head home?

First off, tomorrow night I'll probably be doing a little visiting and most likely hitting up a movie with Livey, considering I haven't been to the cinema since I got to school. (TV totally replaces my movie-going once I'm entrenched in the loving bubble of Notre Dame).

Of course, sleep will be at a premium this trip, and you'll see why as we go along. Saturday, probably going to do some quick shopping with my mom for some random things, and hopefully get my camera fixed, since the shutter hasn't worked since Rally in the Alley weekend when PJ, Brendan and I were wandering the streets of South Bend.

Saturday night I'll be heading out to State College, Pennsylvania, to join the Gameday crew and 100,000 of my closest friends as the Nittany Lions take on the Ohio State University in a battle of perfect Big Ten records. Like I said, Gameday is there and the Penn State student body is taking this very, very seriously.

I wish I could say I was partying into Dillski's birthday Sunday, but I'll have to return home and get some sleep, because Sunday morning at 7:00 AM my Uncle Keith - rabid Bills fan - and I - confessed Phinatic - will be heading up to beautiful Orchard Park, New York, where the Buffalo Bills will be hosting the AFC East-division leading Miami Dolphins in my first Dolphin game in a decade. After that, I'll be returning home, trying to get as much sleep as possible before leaving at 7:00 in the morning to attempt to make my 1:30 midterm.

So let's break this down Pro and Con style:


* Movie with Livey
* Visiting with the Family
* Shopping trip on the parents/aunts
* My first Penn State game in a couple of years, against Ohio State, no less
* My first Dolphin game in a decade


* The potential for missing my mid-term at 1:30 should any traffic difficulties arise
* Missing the only Dillon Dance whose theme I like (although this isn't really an issue because no one is going anyway)
* Batman Begins as the SUB movie
* Missing the opportunity to load explosives into a flaming chariot and send it into the side of Keough Hall

So when you break it down, it's not even close. So everyone hold down the fort in South Bend for me, I'll (hopefully) be back Monday. If you're in the West Shamokin attendance area, give me a call Friday night and I will find you. So happy weekending everyone, you may get a blog or two from the Ranchero if I have time.

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