Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Trying To Fit A Square Into A Circle Was My Life

1) Linkage

Kanye vs. George W – One has a hot new album, the other has managed to bungle 90% of the problems that have come across his desk. Not hard to pick a winner here.

List of the twenty-five best movies coming out between now and the end of the year. Caitlyn informs me Crash is coming to D-Pac this weekend, so if you didn’t catch it in the early summer, do check it out. Don Cheadle, fantastic work by Ludacris, a serious Brendan Frasier and a half-dozen heart-stopping scenes make it more than worth your three bucks.

(My faves on the above list? Shopgirl, because it’s got Steve Martin all over and around it. The Producers, because I never got to see it on Broadway thanks to the Iraq invasion and the cancellation of our New York trip junior year. Good Night, and Good Luck, because I trust George Clooney. Not really excited for Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but who isn’t excited to see 50 Cent try to act and fall miserably on his face? The man literally has no charisma, and I’d pay seven bucks to see that one the silver screen.)

For those of you looking to do a little Michigan research, go no further than here. Brian’s the creator of the Blogger Poll and mixes fanaticism and bias with level-headed intellect, and is easily worth your time. Plus, I’m sure he’ll get a few good ND digs in there to get you a bit more riled up for Saturday morning.

2) Laguna

It’s hard for me to really feel bad for LC getting shat upon when the girl does absolutely nothing. Sure, she apparently is now getting some internship at a magazine or something, but that doesn’t help the fact during the shooting of this show she’s a college dropout with no job whose friends are all away at school. Pardon Stephen for thinking she just might be dumb enough for him to play her and Kristin at the same time.

Also, Jessica has to be the most annoying person on television in the last five years. Kady and I were talking earlier, and it seems as if she would have fit so well in our class that it would have been eerie. I can almost see her sitting in Ms. Graycar’s class, complaining about Jason and how there’s no way she’ll be able to get those twenty vocab words unscrambled by next Friday. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I in no way condone violence towards women, but someone really just needs to slap that girl. Jason, Kristin, Terri “Casey” Schiavo, Roz or me, I don’t particularly care, it just needs done.

Speaking of Jason, I’d just like to point out that how he manages to get so many girls while remaining so skeezy is an amazing, amazing talent. The guy has the scariest hair, creepiest sideburns and most openly gay best friend, yet the ladies cannot resist him. (Well, the two side-kick level ladies can’t resist him. LC and Kristin don’t seem very infatuated.) He’s that guy who cheats on his girlfriend with a girl, and the new girl assumes that he wouldn’t dare cheat on her, despite the fact she just witnessed first hand how unfaithful he was. Who wouldn’t want to be that guy? Morals be damned, shame to the wind, just hitting it as hard as you can and getting out. Kudos to Jason for overcoming the fact he’s got the IQ of 7 and scary facial hair.

3) Prison Break

Disappointing second effort, if only because it settles in he won’t be breaking out of prison until the end of the season. You realized that watching the premiere, but everything was happening so fast you didn’t seem to really notice it or care. Now that it slowed down, the little side-plots that seemed mildly interesting at first are becoming bothersome and slowing down the action inside the prison, which still managed to advance some tonight with the transfer of Sucre and Michael allying Andruzzi, the crime boss.

Still worth your time, but I’m not as high on it as I was last week. Definitely going to get crazy intense down the stretch, though I hope not completely unrealistic 24-intense. If Reunion works out, Fox will have some actual smart television on their hands.

4) FSU/Miami (FL) Game

For all of the talent on the field, that was an incredibly sloppy game. The interior of Miami’s line simply wasn’t blocking anybody, although Kyle Wright made great strides at QB, at least until he took that sack on second and goal when he should have been skying the ball into the stands. Long term, I think Miami will be the better than the Noles this season, if only because their quarterback situation looks significantly better.

Xavier Lee looks like he could be The Next Big Thing, though, if only because he is literally a very large man. He can’t speak English very well, but as Katie, my Blog Expert On All Things Florida, put it, “You don’t have to read or write to get into FSU.” Of course, judging by the history of Bowden’s fine educational institution, you probably didn’t need the blog to tell you that.

Va Tech remains my ACC pick. They might win every game by four points, but last time I checked, that still counts as winning the games. Watch out for Georgia Tech, because their offense looked light years more competent than either one of the Florida schools against a tough Auburn defense on Saturday night.

5) The 'Burgh

Mad props go out to the Steel City, which impressed all whom descended on it this weekend for the game. It takes a lot of grief - from myself, included - for being a junky place, but it's really a nice town, all things considered. With the stadiums along the river looking right at the skyline, plus the Strip and college central down in Oakland, it did well as far as first impressions went.

Now if we could only do something about those pesky Steeler fans wandering the streets....

6) Countdown

I never put this kind of stuff in my info because it’s tacky and a bother to deal with, but it’s three days until The Best Day of The Semester.

The OC and NFL Football, all in one night. Three days away.

I’ll start off at work, hopefully cutting the shift off thirty minutes early in order to make it to the Welsh Fam Lounge by 7:00 so I can hear the friendly, comforting piano opening of “California”, followed by the nails-on-a-chalkboard bad acting of Mischa Barton. Oh, Peter Gallagher, how I’ve missed you.

Then, at the stroke of 8, I’ll be Tivoing the Reunion premiere and heading back to the friendly confines of Super Quad, where former Patriots employee and potential Matt Cassell fiancé Chrissy Perocchi and I will be taking in every second of the first game of the 2005 season. I’m excited to see if the Raiders offense will be as good as advertised, or if Belichick has managed to scheme around the loss of two key linebackers, his top two coordinators and Ty Law to make the defending champs as good as ever.

And since we’re counting down, why not throw out there that it’s five days until Michigan/ND and Ohio State/Texas? D-Walk vs. Mike Hart, Henne vs. Brady, Breaston vs. Rhema, Vince Young vs. AJ Hawk and so much more fun.

Terribly long day tomorrow, much too much to do. Everyone have a fantastic Tuesday, and dual happy birthday shout-outs to Barcus and the lovely Ms. Katie Golden. No promises on the next update, though you know there will have to be an NFL preview and OC letter before Michigan-ND ramblings.

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