Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hasta Luego, Lloyd

After helping drag the team down with his terrible series-ending line-ups and poor in-game decisions, the Buccos have finally canned crap-tastic manager Lloyd McClendon. As Dill had left on my AIM when I got back from class today, he deserved it.

As soon as Mark Cuban buys the team from Kevin "Donald Sterling" McClatchey, it'll be our new manager, Morgan Ensberg and the kids leading the Buccos back next year. New rookie phenom Paul Maholm makes his second start tonight. Duke, Maholm, Burnett, Perez….that’s as fearsome as a front four of the rotation as you’re going to find the majors next year.


Even though I love Brent Mussberger so, this would make his commentary even more fun.


Really enjoyed this. Kudos to Tim for the link.


Fifteenth!? Go Irish, although this Saturday is going to be so important. A win isn’t absolutely necessary, although it would be much deserved, but a hard-fought game against a top five team on the road would cement our status as a legitimate team this year.

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