Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nothing Good Can Come Of This: UW vs. ND

When you look at all the results of this game, there’s absolutely nothing positive that can come of it for us.

“Well, if we beat them by sixty…”

Nope, we’ll just be the Big Bad Racists running up the score on poor Ty. I don’t think Charlie would do that anyway – at least intentionally – because he’s not going to be showing Purdue and USC anything new, especially after the depth he had to reach into the playbook for that second half comeback on Saturday.

If we beat them by anything less than thirty-five – after we won 38-3 last year – then you’ll hear about how Ty improved the team from last year and we’re still terrible people. I don’t even want to hear what would happen if this is a close game, and a loss?! A loss?!

I don’t even want to think about it.

To his credit, Ty’s student section looked a lot, lot better…

That’s why this game is so terrible. Everyone is so supremely confident we’re going to win, nobody’s even really talking about it. We’re just making plans for tomorrow night to celebrate a presumed victory. I can’t imagine what would happen if Brady lands awkwardly on his shoulder, the Huskies catch a break and next think you know we’re trying to play catch-up with D-Walk running against an eleven-man front.

Remember, Ty beat much more talented teams at Florida State and Ol’ Rocky Top. The potential is there, despite the fact I’m 99.5% sure there’s no way Charlie allows that. He knows he can’t for his sake, for the University’s sake and for his team’s sake – probably in that order.

So I think we’re going to win, and win big, but despite this confidence, I’ll be really happy when this game is well in hand and we’re switched over to the 4th quarter of Georgia Tech vs. Va Tech. I want tomorrow to be over as quickly as possible, for everyone’s sakes.

Official Prediction: Irish 42 Huskies 10

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