Friday, September 23, 2005

Father Jenkins Knows How To Party

Barcus and I started composing this one the way to and fro the women's soccer game this evening, in honor of our new president's inaguration. I'm not exactly sure if it was necesary to shut down classes for two afternoons, or to throw a big ol' party out on the quad, but there's no doubting that John Jenkins is getting krunk this evening...

(To the tune of "California Love", composed by Matt Barcus, Math/Education major and Glee Clubber.)

"Father Jenkins
Knows how to party
In the city
City of South Bend
Keep it rockin'

Now let me welcome y'all to the wild ND
The college that's untouchable like my nigger Brady
Sprinklers hit your sneakers like a slug to ya chest
Won't worry about your Jimmy cuz there ain't no sex
We in that hoosier state with a bomb education
The state that be rockin' this inaugeration
And priests be on a mission to save them souls
Chuck weis on a mission to win them bowls
I been in the game for a year scamming the girls halls
Ever since honeys was given nd niggers blue balls
Now it's 05 and they test me and quiz me
My roommate on the quad now throwin' the frisbee
It's all good from Dillon to O'Shag
Our new prez is the bomb givin' out free swag
Makin' Malloy here look like a fag
Barc and CWils puttin' it down for
The Indin-i-a"

Immediately after doing the dual body shot off Condoleeza Rice with Regis.

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