Saturday, September 10, 2005

Muck Fichigan

So maybe things are a little different after that Pitt-Ohio game last night. Not that it takes away the way our offense looked last week, or the swagger the Irish played with, but as far as the defense goes? Eeesh. Michigan’s offense is going to be about a thousand times better than Pitt with whatever Diamond Dave did to Tyler Palko. Are we going to be able to even attempt to slow them down?

As I sit here in The Office, as opposed to in the Big House, watching College Gameday, I can’t help but think this is going to be one helluva shootout. Michigan has the talent on defense to maybe slow down the Irish if they bring it together, but A) They gave up 200 yards rushing to Northern Illinois and B) Charlie Weis’s not going to get out-adjusted by Lloyd Carr. On the other hand, The Observer took our rushing defense over Michigan’s rushing offense.


Michael Hart is a beast. I don’t care how good our defensive tackles are, they’re not going to be the ones attempting to tackle Hart after he’s past the line of scrimmage. I love how we went for the strip last week, but we should probably concentrating on wrapping Hart up before attempting to get the ball off of the Super Soph. The game comes down to our ability to stop Michigan’s running game, because if we can keep the Wolverine defense one dimensional, we can take away the play-action pass and concentrate on attempting to stop Steve Breaston and Jason Avants.

Of course, there’s rumors circulating around the internet that Hart might not be playing, and perhaps Michigan’s tight end and right tackle will be missing the game as well. Victor Abiamiri, say “Hola” to Chad Henne. If that’s the case, things just got a lot easier, though I can’t imagine a baller like Hart missing this game. It’s Michigan/Notre Dame with a lot on the line, and you’d be crazy – or, at least a little bitch – if you had a chance to go the game and didn’t take it.

But I like our chances, regardless of how bad Pitt has ended up being. Brady’s going to have to connect with some deep balls to keep the Maize and Blue Defense honest, but I think he can do that. The House will be rocking, but like I said before, it’s not like we didn’t win down in Knoxville last year. We’re going to shut down the running game, get a lead and then unleash the dogs on Henne. Brady’s got to have another good game, and it’ll hinge on our defense making just enough stops, but I think we can force a punt or two.

Michigan? Not so much.

Prediction: Irish 41 Michigan 34


Two things that need to happen with Gameday:

1) Get rid of Big & Rich, bring back Bubba Sparxx. I kind of get goosebumps when they bust out the “Rocky Top, Tennessee” line, but it’s no “Back in the Mudd” remix.

2) Instead of replacing the departed Trev Alberts with Lou Holtz, who can’t possibly deal with Mark May’s mental retardation, why not bring out the Nature Boy? WOOOOOOOOOO!


Hopefully we don't need it, but it might be necesary after the game today if it doesn't go as I hope/predict.

Other games today:

Ohio State vs. Texas: They just said on Gameday that the tickets are selling for a thousand bucks apiece. I’d pay it and then some, because this is going to be a show. I’m tired of having Patrick and Tillett tell me that Ohio State has never seen speed or offensive lines like Texas has.

I’d just like to point out that the Miami (FL) team they played in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl had a few athletes on it, and that the K-State team they played in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl sported Ell Roberson and Darren Sproles. Last year, they went up against Oklahoma State’s vaunted rushing attack and did pretty well, shutting them out.

Ohio State won all of those games against faster, more talented teams. AJ Hawk and Bobby Carpenter are going to make Vince Young’s life a living hell, and once he’s forced to pass, this game is over. I think Ohio State handles Texas pretty well, but it’ll be a killer-intense game regardless.

For all of you who are taking Texas, please remember: Mack Brown is the Longhorns coach.

South Carolina vs. Georgia: Scheme vs. Raw Talent, Week Two. I think Talent’s going to be 2-0 unless the Ol’ Ball Coach really has something up his sleeve.

Iowa vs. Iowa State: I was going to use this spot in the afternoon to get my work done, but they’re talking up Brett Meyer and the Cyclones so much, I want to see how Drew, Chad and Abdul do against him. Iowa will take it.

LSU vs. Arizona State: If LSU can win this game, after everything that’s happened with Katrina and this game being moved to the desert, it’ll be a testament to both their gonzo-talent and Les Miles’ first game as the Tigers coach. I’d love to see LSU take this, but I don’t think it’s going to happen with everything swirling around the game.

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