Friday, September 09, 2005

California, There We Went...

I'm a little too giddy about a couple of ideas being tossed around to coherently write anything, so I'll just use some linkage until I can put together an OC letter. I thought the premiere was good last night, wrapping up last season so we can move onto some new stuff. If Jeri Ryan and Kelly Rowan happen to, um, I don't know, ever get together, it would mark the greatest moment in television history.


Peter Gallagher, with his new album coming out in November, remains the man.

Gambling + The OC = Hilarity.

This is a little harsh, since I think the last six episodes of last season more than made up for the sucktitude of the Marissa/Alex storyline and the blasted mall episode.

Go Irish, Beat Wolverines...

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