Monday, September 19, 2005

"Arrested" + ND = Genius

I want to give maximum praise to John Walters, Notre Dame grad, Sports Illustrated pundit and the guy who took this fantastic picture of us, for his combination of one of our favorite Arrested Development references and a comment about the MSU/ND game. It's so perfect, I must simply tip my hat.

Crank up the Pat Haden Quote-o-Meter: "If Job were a running back," says Haden, "he'd be Darius Walker."

I'm guessing that Haden is referring to the Old Testament figure, and not the Arrested Development character. Although, how funny would it be if Walker burst into the huddle, looked at Brady Quinn and said, "Yeah, the guy in the $3,000 suit is going to stay in and block for the quarterback whose parents never get shown on television. Come on!"

The entire article here. Remember, Arrested is on tonight at 7:00, Prison Break is at 8:00 and the Cabo episode of Laguna Beach will be on at 9:00. Again, these are all Central times. For those of you back in PA, you're going to need to add an hour.

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